Installing Prey on snow leapord

Today I decided to install Prey on my mac book. Prey is basically a bash script that runs from a cron job every 10 minutes or so. It contacts a remote server to ask if the computer is stolen or not and if so can send a screenshot of the desktop and also a photo from the webcam as well as providing the IP address of the thief.

Prey does have the ability to have the data sent to their website but I decided to handle this myself and have the script email the data if a webpage I have set up on my domain gets deleted. I ran into a few problems getting the script to email me, it uses a perl script called sendEmail. I banged my head against a wall getting errors from Google like “Username and Password not accepted.” even though everything was correct. The solution was do download the latest version of SendEmail from, extract and replace the file called sendEmail in /usr/share/prey/lib/ with the new one.

Posted by Matt Thu, 05 Nov 2009 21:48:00 GMT